Friday, January 11, 2013

Counting Down

The kids had an awesome Christmas. Unfortunately, everyone was hit with the flu bug the week before Christmas, including Alex.  He didn't even really celebrate his birthday on his birthday.  He had gone on a field trip to the museum that I helped chaperone, and was so wiped out afterwards that he fell asleep by 5:30pm and never woke up till about 2:00pm the following day.  The kids all had fevers for at least a day, Benjamin was knocked down for most of a week.  He missed the last 3 days before Christmas break, but is back at it like he was never sick.

My in-laws are celebrating 40 years of marriage this year and have invited the whole family to go to Disney World.  They are paying for a good portion of the trip and have planned the whole thing, such it should be a fun week.  The kids have started a countdown, but it seems Alex is the only one truly counting down.  He has crossed each day off so far and has been waking up early to do so.  Unfortunately, 6:00am is a bit too early for him to wake up to do so and hopefully it will grow old fast because 3 months of 6:00am wake-up calls will not be pretty for him.

Here's a pic from Alex's Day After Birthday...He wanted a Stanley Cake, so Mommy piped on a picture of Stanley and Dennis the Goldfish.

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